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Monday 9/8/08

Well, I hit the ground running as usual.. I landed at 11:30 from Atlanta and went straight to Dan Henderson’s house in Temecula. I beat him home from Atlanta. His annual pig roast was going on, whether he won or lost. thank god he won! I spent the first few hours I was there working on my blog.. You can find it here: http://www.combatlifestyle.com/words/gdetail.php?id=96

If you wanna read the one from the day before it’s here: http://www.combatlifestyle.com/words/gdetail.php?id=95

The party was a blast, but because I wasn’t feeling well I ended up passed out on the couch in a fetal position at 9pm. Thats where alison found me and moved me to a bed at 10.. I was tempted to go back out and take more pics, but I was exhausted..

I woke up to Dan’s sister’s cell phone going off this morning, and went out to find an absolute disaster in the house and around the pool. I started cleaning and about 2 hours later, with the help of anyone who showed up, it looked somewhat back to normal.

Now, i’m posted up on my laptop, trying to get my blog for saturday done… I’lll ink it here when it’s finished!!

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