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Its raining…

I luck out and experiece beautiful weather almost everywhere I go… And its awesome and amazing that I do.. What many people don't know is that I enjoy inclement weather and sometimes home for its soothing effect on my sometimes overworked body..

The weekend has been long and I reflect on it as I hear the pitter patter of the rain drops on the thin roof above my head.. My backpack weighs on my shoulders and I turn my head as I hear the *whoompf* of a green and white striped umbrella open near by.. Across from me I see a father and son look hopefully at the train coming down the track with their baseball gloves in hand and cubs jerseys on.

The redline pulls into the station going both north and south on the track and I step on and choose my seat. The train is pretty full and I look around at the diversity of the people on it from the guy across from me with complete tattoo sleeves and a glint of gold on his wedding finger, to the russian grandmother with her bun high on her head sitting close to her granddaughter who nervously bites her fingernails. Tattoo guy can't sit still and he hops each leg up and down; the nervous energy is not reflected in his face- perhaps he doesn't even realize he's doing it.

I check the map to see where my transfer point is. I realize that the nervous granddaughter is no such person indeed as she disembarks from the train with a huge backpacking style bag over her shoulders neither saying goodbye to grandma, nor bestowing a kiss upon her cheek. She doesn't look back as she exits out into the weather..

Damn.. I should have gotten off at the last stop.. Looks like the orange line follows the loop in the same direction that the train that I am on does. I stay on patiently as I head out towards the airport. At every station we stop at I see ads and billboards advertising cool new items at mcdonalds and movies like mike myer's newest comedy. I wonder if that marketing works and if they have a way to track its ROI.

Some guy ina red jersey and matching red shorts walks by muttering something as he stares blatantly at my boobs.. He continues on down the train, still talking out loud, but not saying anything decipherable.

I step off the train at roosevelt and find a bench to sit on. I pass the cutest kid stepping onto the train with his father. As I'm waiting patiently for my transfer, I look out over my view of chicago to see that the skies are clearing up nicely and that in spite of the stormy weather reports for the weekend, that its going to be a beautiful day, perfect for the cubs game that father and son were on a train going the opposite direction to.

The orange line finally arrives and I board towards midway to catch my flight..

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