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Gummy bears…

Are not all alike as one may think.. Yes, they have the same general shape, flavor and consistancy to the average consumer. But to a gummy bear connoisseur such as myself, there are so many different variables that make a bear appealing..

Take these sugar free bears for example. I just picked up 3 bags for 99 cents. At first glance, that's pretty on par for a bag from a drug store. But this bag has 50% product than most.. After sampling one, its a tough, chewy consistancy. It's sweet, but not too sweet as many gummy bears often are..

Some gummy bears are softer, some are chewier. Some are much sweeter and some are sour. There are ones that have fun on them and others that are smooth. Some are long and skinny; some chubby and short.

From all this, you can gather 2 things. That I'm a nutcase, and that I need to go to the dentist… 🙂

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