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Just passed over a mountain range. Its red rocks reminded me closely of something I had seen before. I looked at the surrounding city with its intricate patterns and the direction its freeways ran and began to realize it was the place I call home.

I had never seen Las Vegas from this high up before. Normally I'm taking off or landing from it, not flying high above it. It was interesting to see what was on the otherside (nothing) of the mountains face that I've seen from the east all these years.

I never expected to call such a dusty, barren place my home, but it, and its intrinsic beauty have grown on me.

We're flying over utah now. I think I see Mt zion. I've never seen it before, so I can't be for certain but my educated (or noneducated) guess is that I'm correct. I definitely want to take a trip there some time later this year..

3 more hours till our destination… Time to get some work done!!

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