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What a day…

I’m sitting in Ft lauderdale… The weather is absolutely gorgeous, and the breeze is offsetting the heat.. Its humid, but not unbearably so…

I’m surrounded by Brazilians. I have heard almost no English all afternoon but somehow that hasn’t bothered me as much it has fascinated me… 5 of the guys here have fights coming up; 4 in the UFC alone… The name American Top Team is somewhat irony in itself. They’re almost all Brazilian, save a fighter here or there..

I’ve sat here all afternoon and watched the fighters pluck fish from the water, needing almost no coaxing; just the clams that were taken from the lake bed to use as bait.. This was lunch/dinner. Caught in the backyard, cooked in the back yard too!

Accompanying the meal is rice, and farofa, as well as salad. I brought guacamole and chips with me, although they were nowhere near as popular as I would have expected.

I have been sitting here in this chair for about 45 minutes. The story telling has been nonstop the whole time, although I have no clue what they’re saying. I stretch my ear out in the hopes that I may catch a word or two that helps me to understand the gist of the convo, but even then its been difficult.

I don’t mind; the day has been awesome and the experience one of a kind… Especially since the house was filled with beautiful Brazilian women that I was worried would dislike me. They knew who I was (from my photos and blogs) the minute I walked in and were very friendly towards me.

I wasn’t brave enough to eat the fish that they caught but they were a source of entertainment from the moment I arrived. They kept catching more and more and at one point lined up at least 10 on the patio.

Now I’m just relaxing; something I rarely do. Here’s Thiago Silva with the fish he caught.. Followed by a pic of the ATT guys..

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