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And impatient as I wait for the plane's wheels to hit the tarmac. Normally the plane ride goes by so fast with me checking out the back of my eye lids.. Well, after 2.5 hours, study session was over and I found myself tossing and turning (as much as you can toss and turn in an airplane seat) the last hour of the trip.

I look out over the city that is chicago, and realize that I was just here 2 weeks ago. I remember writing about the skyline and the sunrise, but those are but distant memories at this point.

This time I'm here to stay a few days, although its looking like I'm going to be so busy I won't have time to see friends or do anything I want to do.

I rub my eyes to sharpen the focus I know must be there, but has been erased for the moment by my less than stellar nap. RARA was just at my house 2 days ago, and will be waiting for me when I touch down. Its nice having so many female companions in this industry..

I see the houses, the cars, the churches, the parking lots, the buildings and even the people looming larger. At this point they're toy miniatures, wait 5 seconds, now they're like hotwheels. Another 10 and they're toddler toys…

The landing gears makes a banging noise as its introduced into the elements at the high speed that we are going… The wheels touch done, I see the painted runway approach, and bump, not too bad a landing by united or should I say, TED?

Get me off this foul metal beast. I have people awaiting and things to do!!

Welcome to O'hare the tinny voice says over the loudspeaker. Doesn't matter what airline I'm on, the announcment is the same, insert airline name here!

Gate B11, and I'm gonna be off on my adventure in chicago.. Fuck, this airport's big… Lol


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