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The only way….

The walk from gate to gate on my layover could have been longer was if my next flight was at gate 29 instead of 28. Landed at jfk and am on boarding the plane. I've got a bag that's way too big to be a carryon and just had a bitch of a time getting it to fit into the overhead compartment.. I managed to get it in by separating stuff so now i have 4 carry ons, instead of the alotted to me.

The hustle and bustle of the JFK airport is so much a reminder of what New York is like.. The gate areas are all small because the airport is old. And its like the just kept building.. "Oh we need another gate? Oh we'll just smack one down right here. Another? Here you go!!" The advertisements pop out at you like the one Tom cruise movie that read your retinas and personaled the user experience..

Its my first time flying delta today, and so far so good. Each of the seats has its own tv just like the ones to japan. I've already scoped out the movies and see a few really good ones that I may watch if I can in between working and sleeping. Its 815, and we don't land for 3 and a half hours.

They're closing the doors, so I have to turn off my phone….

PS: this is a pic I took out the plane as we were landing in NYC

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