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Morning in hilo..

There’s definitely something to be said about morning time in Hilo. There’s just been a new rain. The air is thick with the dampness, and you can smell the blossoms as if pouring water on them made their fragrances emanate from their petals.

This morning as I washed my face in the bathroom, I noticed a coin leaning against the wall on a shelf. It had a familiar look to it so I stepped closer to inspect it. 100¥.. It made me smile and brought back great memories.. from last week, lol… God japan already seems so far away.

Fast forward. I’m sitting in the gym. Its just me, and jesse hitting a bag in the background. Its weird that its so empty; the place is normally teeming with life. The guys have all gone for a run. The day is turning beautiful, as I knew it would. I have been thinking blue skies all morning. It was nice that they graced us with their presence, although waking up to the morning rain was equally as satisfying…

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