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Is it bad….

That I stare oddly at the guy that just walked by?

He had a sweater vest on with a short sleeve button down underneath… As if it wasn't odd looking like that, it continuesv down to a pair of navy blue shorts a tad too short. He has extremly white legs that should NEVER be exposed to the elements, and then loafers with no socks on. Eww!

To top it all off, the guy had a wedding ring on. Hmm, love is definitely blind…

I'm waiting in the airport; jumping a flight to ft lauderdale. Not sure who's picking me up, tell you the truth. Originally supposed to be Yves, then cole, but neither let me know, so should be a surprise. I'm so excited to go to ATT as I have heard a ton about the school and have many friends that train there.

I haven't slept yet, and its 605am. About time to jump on my flight. I'd like to spend the first leg of the trip getting work done, but we'll see because without fail, I'm like a baby in a car seat and always pass out the minute I buckle my seatbelt…


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