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I didn't want to go….

But I had a really good time… I knew that going would mean I would lose 6+ hours of work time, but I went and had an awesome time.. It was way better to me than going to rehab; relax on memorial day weekend is always a favorite…

I got to see dj scooter for our annual sushi date after it ended… He's always concerned about my well being. I love him to death, although its funny to me how much he thinks he knows about what's going on with me; especially my love life.. Its always an entertaining time, and I think that should the DJing thing ever stop working out for him, comedy is always an option.

Its 917 and I'm pulling up to the house. I'm gonna get some work done, and think about meeting jenna and tito at JET. I'm really over going to the clubs, lol, but I love seeing my friends…

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