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So I triedd so hard to keep up with Blogging my daily top ten… It was really cool because I was coming across some really cool people, bands, and you tube videos, but was taking me hours to keep up with each day… So at this point i’m going to try and just do an update of what I’m up to each day… It’s gonna be hard too, and with the MMA Blog that I’ve been trying to keep up with, and the organization of Combatlifestyle.com plus all the events that i’m trying to cover, as well as ALL the travel I realize that I may not be succesful in doing it, but I’m gonna try!!

So it’s sunday morning.. I spent 8 hours scanning my receipts yesterday to try and get my taxes done. I got this cool receipt scanner that makes my life easier, and then the program crashed, and lost all 8 hours of work. I had backed up the night before, so the previous work was saved. But byebye 8 hours of my day. So I started all over again. And it took another 8 hours. ouch!! I am going to try and finish the rest of the receipts this morning, pack my bags and car for the journey I am about to embark on, and then get on the road to LA.. If i can get on the road early enough, I can meet up with Manny Gamburyan to shoot him training prior to his fight..

Wish me luck, and I’ll try and keep you updated!!!


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