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A busy 2 weeks…

So I went to Hilo.. Then I went to honolulu. Then spent 3 days in LA, then headed up to Lemoore for a night. Then went to SF for the day, then San Jose for a day, and then drove back to vegas where I am working from my bed. I wrote BLOGs about everything, and you can find them here:

http://www.combatlifestyle.com/words/gdetail.php?id=49″ target=”_blank”>[03-20] A Combatlifestyle Minute with Conor Heun
http://www.combatlifestyle.com/words/gdetail.php?id=47″ target=”_blank”>[03-19] Iconsport Weekend: Baroni vs Hose
http://www.combatlifestyle.com/words/gdetail.php?id=44″ target=”_blank”>[03-14] A Combatlifestyle Minute with Phil Baroni.
http://www.combatlifestyle.com/words/gdetail.php?id=42″ target=”_blank”>[03-13] Hilo with Bj, Urijah, and Joe: Day 2

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