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WEC and Elite XC Camera Phone Pictoral

Not my most exciting pictoral, but I was SOOOOO busy this week..

Leaving Vegas, getting to Albuquerque for the WEC weigh ins. Went to visit Micah and Cole Miller. Micah was already on weight. I shot Rob Mccullough cutting weight, and then we went to the weigh ins. Afterwards, everyone went to dinner at Olive Garden. Then we shut down TD’s.




Went to Greg Jackson’s MMA with Clay Guida. There were TONS of great fighters there, including Rashad Evans doing a cartwheel pass. Off to WEC for an exciting night of fights. We convinced a sushi restaurant to stay open and 50 deep, we celebrated Micah’s 21st birthday! Caught up with the new lightweight title holder, Jamie Varner somewhere around 3am when he was eating pancakes.


Day after WEC and I was headed to Miami. Lucky for me, Cole, Micah and I were on the same flight so I had company the whole long trip. They dragged me to Boca Raton with them and we munched on Whole Foods, and played Guitar Hero and then they drove me to Miami to check into my hotel. I caught a late night breakfast with Pav at Dennys.




Elite XC weigh Ins were friday, and then I headed to south beach to train 2 photographers @ Mansion where Mickey Avalon was scheduled to play. He didn’t come on till after 2am, and I had already left.


Fight day, and I worked most of it behind me comp. Me and Pav got matzah ball soup and sweet potato fries… Then off to the fights!


It was an exciting week; I’m sorry I didnt take more pics on my phone!!

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