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TTT for Tuesday

Napkinnights.com Hot Album-

Women of the Night Hosted by Jeff Beacher, the most influential women in Las Vegas Nightlife get honored. I was sick and couldn’t go! 🙁

Combatlifestyle Featured Pic-

Frank Mir vs Brock Lesnar Frank gets him with a knee bar. OUch!

Featured Fighter-

Razor Rob Fights Jamie Varner tomorrow night in the WEC!

Hot Myspace girl profile-

JT Tinney AZ is known for it’s hot women!

Hot Myspace guy profile-

Steve Kim.. Asian and white is a fantastic mix, as you can see..

You Tube video-

Sheep are fluffy The trials and tribulations of being a fluffy sheep..

Great Music-

Chris Clouse I can’t say enough great things about this artist. On top of being a good friend, he’s a phenomenal singer/songwriter.. A MUST HEAR!

Weird News-

No more hobbits? We love those little furry foot creatures!

Featured Photographer-

Jeff Farsai Shoots hot girls and then goes to a 3rd world country and becomes a photo journalist. Awesome!

Random Link-

14 Valentines Day Gifts Guaranteed to not get you laid!

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