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TTT for Thursday!

I love doing these everyday! Although extremely time consuming, there’s some pretty damn interesting things that I am finding out there!

Napkinnights.com Hot Album-

Velvet Revolver & Tera Patrick Host Super Bowl Sunday @ Body English Velvet Revolver is EVERYWHERE lately!

Combatlifestyle Featured Album-

Rampage & Zack Anyone recognize what movie they’re parodying?

Featured Fighter-

Cheick Kongo I recently got to see him training up close and personal, and I swear this guy is like a cartoon character. Unreal! Fight against Heath Herring in Columbus, OH March 1st.

Hot Myspace girl profile-

Krystle Lina She looks hot and fun as hell. When do I getta party with her?!

Hot Myspace guy profile-

Bryan Westly.. I love this guy! coming to a chippendale’s stage near you!

You Tube video-

Human Tetris Talk about having too much time on your hands. First,you suck at Tetris.. Second, how the hell is this even possible??

Great Music-

Mitch Allan An amazing singer/songwriter who has ties with Bowling for Soup among others. Did I mention he was hot? Did I mention I may have to develop a crush on this guy? wow!

Weird News-

New Iraqi Law? 5 day waiting period on iraqi suicide bomber vests. What??

Featured Photographer-

Prodigy Photography I love it when dope ass photographers are hot as hell too!

Random Link-

The 6 cutest Animals… That can still kill you!! Whoa!

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