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TTT for Friday

Napkinnights.com Hot Album-

50 of The Most Beautiful Hawaiian Tropic Girls in Las Vegas @ LAX All 50 in one place???

Combatlifestyle Featured Album-

Nick Thompson vs John Troyer You know I love the bloody pictures!

Featured Fighter-

Rampage Jackson I see this guy EVERYWHERE lately. So he gets a feature. Oh yeah, he also has a pretty dope car..

Hot Myspace girl profile-

Jae Angel Import Model and more!

Hot Myspace guy profile-

Josh Hall.. Yumm! I love me some Josh Hall.. You can catch him nightly with American Storm. And if you were a fan of VH1’s strip search, you saw him there too!

You Tube video-

A wicked deception.. What if this really happened with subtitles?

Great Music-

Elvio Fernandes Wow, i just want to sing along with this crooner from Rochester, NY. And of course, he could double as my hot guy feature of the day!

Weird News-

Batman and Robin get lost? how do superheros get lost?

Featured Photographer-

Virulent Valmont Cool fashion photography out of Winnipeg, Canada..

Random Link-

10 Most ridiculous.. Inventions ever patented! Who thinks of these things?

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