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TTT for Wednesday

Napkinnights.com Hot Album-

The Big Sleepover PJ Party @ Palms’ Exclusive Fantasy Suites Girls running around in Lingerie till all hours of the night!

Combatlifestyle Featured Album-

Tracy Lee’s Birthday @ The Bank My birthday party!

Featured Fighter-

Tim Boetsch An amazing fight against David Heath on Saturday night! Congrats!

Hot Myspace girl profile-

DJ Colleen Shannon We grew up in Sac together.. Great to see how far she’s gone!

Hot Myspace guy profile-

Maurice Valentino Townsell Wow.. Yum!

You Tube video-

Bird Infestation Don’t you know not to look up??

Great Music-

Cori Yarckin This hottie and her band belts the tunes out!

Weird News-

John Mayer.. Why john, why?

Featured Photographer-

Michael Vincent It’s amazing to see how far he’s gone! Maxim Stuff, and more!

Random Link-

Old men don’t like it.. When women pee in the street topless…

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