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TTT for Wednesday Hot Album-

The Miami Groove Cruise 2008. Tons of Pics.. You better sit down for this one!

Combatlifestyle Featured Picture-

UFN 12-Gray Maynard vs Dennis SiverAnother fight I wish they had aired!!

Featured Fighter-

Tyson Griffin Good luck this Saturday Tyson!

Hot Myspace girl profile-

Teresa NoreenA Yummy bit out of Hollywood!

Hot Myspace guy profile-

KadenA YOUNG singer, songwriter, and model out of LA. Did I say YOUNG?

You Tube video-

More Pancakes!This guy sure has a lot of time on his hands…

Great Music-

DJ Fedde Le Grand Many know him from “Put Your hands up for Detroit” but this guy has WAY more talent than that song even begins to show. Check him out Feb 13th @ Body English.

Weird News-

Brittney’s Boobs Again. last 30 seconds are all thats worth looking at.

Featured Photographer-

Dave Alan.. This photographer sure shoots a lot of pretty girls!

Random Link-

Cheeseburger in a can Some may say that this is the greatest invention known to man. I’m not sure I agree.

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