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Tracy's Top Ten (TTT)

Combatlifestyle.com Featured Pic– UFC 79- Chuck Liddell vs Wanderlei Silva. Many have seen this pic, but I thought it was worth another note.

Napkinnights.com Hot Album– Mike Tyson and DJ Am @ PURE! THe photos from this place are ALWAYS so colorful!

Featured Fighter– Gray Maynard, Fighting January 23rd in Las Vegas!

Hot Myspace girl profile– I thought I had found the hometown hottie before Maxim did, but then I saw they beat me to the punch!

Hot Myspace guy profile-Um, make sure to check out the Toe 2 Toe photoshoot pics.. ouch…

You Tube video– This guy wants more what?

Excellent Travel Deal-Delta’s got some great fares right now!

Awesome Band-Hard Nox out of the Bay Area

Weird Links-First 2 funny commercials, and then singing cows??

Featured Photographer– Max is a friend out of Atlanta with a great eye for photography, and graphic design!

Random Link-Brittney.. Are you tired of hearing about her yet?

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