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Tracy's Top Ten (TTT)

Combatlifestyle.com Gory Pic– Sportfight, Season’s Beatings- Brian Caraway vs Dave Cochran

Napkinnights.com Hot Album– AVN Convention Day 3

Featured Fighter– Jamie Varner- fighting Feb 13th in Albuquerque.

Hot Myspace girl profile– Miss Candy- MMmm, yum!

Hot Myspace guy profile-An LA Hottie!

You Tube video– Um, what?

Excellent Travel Deal-ATA’s cutting fares to hawaii!

Awesome Band-Hard Nox out of the Bay Area

Weird News-Double Stuf lick racing?

Featured Photographer– Kaden is excellent!

Random Link-Wait patiently when you get there, it will forward you to endless link clicks.. It’s odd, something I found years ago!

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