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TTT for Tuesday Hot Album-

Tito Ortiz’s Birthday @ Cathouse With a special performance by Jenna Jameson!

Combatlifestyle Featured Picture-

UFN 12-Cole Miller vs Jeremy Stephens What an amazing fight! Wish that they had aired this one!

Featured Fighter-

Troy Mandaloniz From The Ultimate Fighter 6. I’m featuring him because he rocks, and we share the same birthday this Friday!

Hot Myspace girl profile-

Lisa Angeline A Vegas and Socal local!

Hot Myspace guy profile-

Casey CokerA hottie out of orange county with a very diverse look!

You Tube video-

Pancakes! What a coincidence… I love pancakes!

Great Music-

DJ Steve SmoothA good friend of mine, and an amazing producer!

Weird News-

Hookers flock to AZ for superbowl.Yeah, thats right!

Featured Photographer-

Alex Goyk..An amazing photographer friend of mine from Chicago!!

Random Link-

Falling hard..Maybe this will teach me I shouldn’t dance on furniture.. She shouldn’t either..

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