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A hectic day..

I'm sick.. I think I mentioned that in my emailer earlier today. So sick that I should have been in bed all day. Instead, I have driven all over southern california and back.. Why, you ask? Somehow in the crazy schedule that I keep I failed to write in "renew drivers license". My license is still in CA, so I paired my renewal trip along with picking up a quarter million business cards from our printer in irvine. I planned all this out last friday. No idea I was going to come down with the flu.. 🙁

So I get to dmv in barstow only to be told that I have a faiure to appear that needs to be cleared up in la county. it was from a fixit ticket in 05. That very day was the day I totalled my car. Somehow the fixit ticket slipped my mind.

On the way into LA, I called the courthouse to see what I neededd to do to get it cleared. They transferred me to collections where I was transferred around about 5 more times. They wanted me to pay 1300 for the fixit and told me that was my only option. When I stated that I would go to la county and see that they had to say, a supervisor cut into the call and started being verbally abusive and threatening more penalties if not paid by 2pm. Rather distraught by the call, I made the trek downtown.

When I got there, I waited in line for what seemed like ages (why Is it that when you're sick time slows down and when you're having fun, it flies?) Until I got to the window and the lady told me I could reschedule a court date. That dumb broad on the phone; I can't believe her lies!

I jumped in my car again and picked up the cards in irvine. Then I hightailed it back to barstow to get my license. Um yeah, right.
She tells me I have to take the test and that they don't give it out after 430. Its 445. Luckily for me, she gave me a 2 month extension.

And now I'm driving the last 2 hours to get home and crawl into bed. I have to be better by tomorrow. I have too many birthday plans and fights to shoot!!!

Woe is me… Lol

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